Environmental Data Management Application


Online application for environmental data management - Designed to meet the needs of environmental consultants, and water & wastewater consultants; convenient access from any computer with Internet access.
Electronic data transfer of laboratory water quality results - Lab data is transferred directly from laboratories to the users’ database on the Wireless Water® application.
Enter field results - Users enter field results, for water quality tests and other field measurements, such as depth to water, into their database on the Wireless Water application.
Organized database - Setup sampling locations by project and investigation location. Assign sampling location attributes that identify the type of the sampling location.
High quality report output - Create a water quality report with automatic flagging of exceedances, in Excel file format; easily setup criteria for flagging of exceedances by entering specific criteria or using built in guidelines and standards that are updated regularly by experienced engineering staff.
Report archive - Convenient archive for viewing of lab reports and field results; Easy to share with people within an organization, and also with people in other organizations.
User permissions for security - The client administrator can assign different user permissions for individual users based on their type of work assignment, and also by project.
Secure Data, Maintenance, and Backup - Wireless Water provides the technical services required to support and maintain the database using industry standard practices for data security and reliability.


Reduce time and cost - Automated input of lab data reduces costs and time spent by staff. Less time is required for preparation of reports and flagging of exceedances. This gives professionals more time to work on tasks of higher interest or value, such as interpretation of results and analysis of exceedances.
Reduce risk by limiting the potential for errors - Automated input of lab data improves the quality of data; end users are no longer required to manually enter data into Excel, or other PC based software, for analysis and reporting, thereby limiting the potential for errors and reducing the cost and time associated with tracking and correcting errors.
Produce more accurate reports - Managers can be confident that exceedances have been flagged accurately in water quality summary reports. Clients and regulators can be assured that thorough and accurate comparison of the water quality results to guidelines has been accomplished.
Meet record keeping requirements - Easily access both current and historical laboratory reports and field results, at any time, from any computer with Internet access.
Less requirement for in-house information technology (IT) resources - Using the Wireless Water® application does not require additional hardware or software. This will reduce the requirement for IT resources since the installation, upgrading, configuration and maintenance of hardware and software is not required.