Environmental, Drinking Water & Wastewater Data Management

Wireless Water provides online applications for:

  • Environmental data management
  • Drinking Water data management
  • Wastewater data management

Discover how fast and easy online data management can be. Wireless Water is the convenient and secure way to take care of your everyday data management and reporting needs.

Manage your lab results, system readings and field results online whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet.

The Wireless Water® applications are designed to meet the needs of environmental consultants, water & wastewater consultants, water utilities and wastewater utilities.

Automated input of lab data reduces costs and time spent by staff. Less time is required for preparation of reports and flagging of exceedances. This gives your professionals more time to work on tasks of higher interest or value. Professionals then have more time for interpretation of results and exceedances.

Managers can be confident that exceedances have been flagged accurately. The Wireless Water® applications have reporting features that allow easy comparison of results to built-in guidelines and standards.